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Government Relations

As part of our service to the industry and the tanning public, the Indoor Tanning Association regularly follows legislative developments across the country that potentially have a bearing on indoor tanning activities. We encourage our members to look out for legislative activity in their own states and let us know if you hear of something.

At the Federal Level, the ITA actively lobbies against legislation that would place unfair restrictions on the industry. If you would like to get involved, contact the ITA at 703 336-3632 or email us at

ITA/ASA comments – Restricted Device, Performance Standard
ITA/ASA comments


Food & Drug Administration
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Sunlamp product reclassificationITA filed extensive comments..


Tan Tax -10% Excise tax on tanning services
The ITA is urging Congress to repeal the Tan Tax. We are working with the National Federation of Independent Business to accomplish this goal.
Please use this link to contact Congress to urge repeal of this tax.
Tan tax


State Issues Regulations
State RegulationsState Oversight Agencies


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